Added sugar: Sabotages your health

Do you notice the contents of the food items that you buy? Do you read and heed when it is written added sugar. Do you keep a count of sugar in your diet? If you are not paying attention to these, then like most of the people you are calling for risk to your health.

Because if you are not payinSugarg attention to these things, then you are consuming more sugar in the food and beverages when you eat and drink, because such foods have added sugar in them.

It’s believed that excess of sugar is also one of the reasons obesity is caused and also causing some health problems.

You must be wondering should you have sugar or not? Well it’s not necessary that you avoid sugar. Here am not discussing about people who have Diabetes, but people who are not affected with diabetes.

Such people can have sugar. This is because naturally sugar is part of many food items we consume; in which some food have sugar as part of it.

Like wheat, fruits etc. have sugar, but there are foods that have added sugar which could be bad. For example desserts, sodas, energy drinks, or sport drinks etc. have high content of added sugar.

And such food mostly has low nutritional value, and they just contribute to having consumed extra calories in your diet. This sets the stage for potentials for the health problems.

Natural sugar is better than the processed sugar. Sugar is the main source of carbohydrates which is needed by body as the source of energy.

That is needed for proper functioning of body. Sugar which is added to the food or beverages is known as added sugar. Such added sugar is added in processed food because:

  • Sugar boast flavourAdded sugar foods
  • Baked food gets texture and color
  • Preservation in food like jelly and jam
  • Fuels Fermentation example in breads
  • Bulking agent: in icecream and bake food
  • Balancing agent in food with acids- like vinegar and tomatoes

Added sugar along with solid fats, together known as SoFAS, makes 35 per cent of the total calories intake in typical American diet.

This is not healthy sign, because calories are much more then what you essentially need. Moreover the food is made up of this you don’t get the needed fiber in your dHarmful effects of added sugariet or the essential minerals or the vitamins.

Too many calories can result in gaining of extra weight and thus obesity. Too much sugar can lead to many ailments like tooth decay.

Bacteria thrive and thus you develop cavities. Also drinking sodas, is harmful, because most of people drink that like water, or instead of milk prefer soda which has large content of added sugar. this also makes you skimp some healthy food that you could have.

You get extra sugar that is high calories and no nutrients in this. I would not say this is only cause for gaining weight and thus becoming obese, but its one of the factors and if you could avoid it then you may be able to avert the dangers due to obesity.

Also sweetened food is consumed more than unsweetened food. Also high sugar makes you at risk of heart disease.

That is added sugar could increase the triglyceride level, which makes you at risk of heart disease. Its advised thus to avoid food which has SoFAS and added sugar.

Keep check on your calorie count. Have food which has more of fibre and drink more water. Women need 100 calories and men need 150 calories from the added sugar, beyond which it is harmful.