Breast Health Secrets Revealed

et enlightened with the entire scoop about breast health – the reason for breast soreness, the dark side of augmentation procedure & smart ways of firming & uplifting the downtrodden.

‘Fluid leakage from nipples despite no pregnancy’

It is not totally abnormal to be having strange-looking stuff dribble from the nipple areas & observed in several colours like greenish, whitish, greyish, reddish, yellowish & varying from thick-consistency & gluey to thin & fluid-like.

Non-conception-linked nipple emission could arise either suddenly or after being stimulated (for instance, being squeezed or sucked) & oftentimes the outcome of a benignant papilloma (a non-malignant tumor), some infection or side-effect related to intake of some medicine.

Rarely, seepage could be signalling a hormone imbalance or also cancer of the breast. Hence, in case you’re not carrying a bun in the oven and still experience nipple discharges then it is better to seek medical consultation.

‘Is breastfeeding possible post-augmentation surgery’

More often than not, women who have undergone breast augmentation can nurse as majority of the breast implants aren’t interfering with breastfeeding. Though, twenty percent of breast implants require surgical re-adjustment within the initial year of being placed inside the woman & around thirty percent of implants rupturing after ten years or so.

Thus, even as the initial method may not be affecting breastfeeding, more the number of surgical procedures one undergoes, greater harm to the ligament occurs & greater sagging of breasts occurs. In case such women opt for lifting this droopy look with further surgical intervention then their milk ducts could suffer damage in the process that could hinder breastfeeding. Ensure that your surgeon is furnishing every pertinent detail to you about this.

‘Could my bosoms be boosted with exercises?’

Since breasts are muscle-less organs hence stop making efforts for toning them. Women however could get their cans perkier by tautening them & proffer greater definition to muscles located around the boobs. Check out these exercises (duo sets of 8 repetitions to be done daily)

Backwards-Faced Wall Slides

  • Standing by pressing body (buttocks, scapulas, head, heel areas) against a barrier.
  • Raising arms outwards to one’s sides at the level of one’s shoulders & bending elbows perpendicularly so that fingers are pointed in the direction of the roof.
  • In a slow manner sliding one’s arms up the barrier /wall & then lowering then back to the start-up pose.

Frontal-faced Wall Slides plus Rearward Reach

  • Standing in a manner that you face a barrier & feet placement hip width away & toes placed 6 inches away from the barrier.
  • Pressing one’s forearm areas against the barrier at a distance shoulder width away & fingers pointed upwards.
  • Sliding palms up the barrier till arms are straightened & then lifting one’s arms away from the fence till elbows are close to the ears; scapulas are to be pulled together.
  • Arms are to be brought back to the barrier & then lowering them to the start pose.


  • Getting down on the floor on all your fours with hand & knee areas placed hip width away.
  • Your left arm is to be lifted to the fore of yourself & extending your right leg to the back of yourself with shoulder & hip areas placed parallel-wise to the ground & ensuring movements arise solely from hips & shoulders instead of the spinal area.
  • Pausing & then gradually lowering to the start pose.
  • Repeating with the opposing limbs too.

‘Why do breasts hurt so much just prior to & when menstruating’

Breast tissues are innately tender & could really be taking a harsh battering due to the hormonal vacillations of a woman’s periods cycle. When ovulating & thereafter, progesterone-estrogen levels are trading turns surging & plummeting & could be causal to headache, mood alterations, craving for particular foods, cramping & yes, extra-sore boobs.

Chugging down too much coffees & diet sodas could further aggravate matters since excessive caffeine could well be disrupting amounts of stress & reproductive hormones & leaves women with swelling & aching in their breasts. For allaying such pains & better breast health, some experts recommend intake of a nutrient blend during menses for reducing bloated & inflamed feeling:

  • One to two hundred mg. vitamin B6
  • 2 five hundred international unites capsular form of evening primrose oil
  • Two to four hundred international units vitamin E

‘A 3rd nipple – is that truly possible’

It is true that a number of guys & females could be having nearly 6 nipples. During fetal development, it forms a milk line replete with nipples running all the way from the underarms till the groin resembling what is seen in canines & felines, though in human beings it generally vanishes prior to delivery.

Alas! For some people it does not and at times supernumerary nipples come with additional tissues & forming alike normal boobs; classically, however they are present on the skin’s surface – without areolar presence – & resembling mole or skin tag instead of growing breasts.

Not too fond of those additional teats? A minor surgical procedure could remove them with ease.

‘Is it trickier in detecting breast cancer in a woman with implants’

Certainly, breast implants could interfere with precise examinations and potentially could conceal smallish tumor. Implants could even make it harder for doctors in taking & reading mammographies.

‘I’m keen on losing weight though not from my boobs’

Sadly, breast is largely fat, hence weight loss would also reflect in this area with breast volumes oftentimes being the first to experience shrinkage when one slims down.

However, prior to riding the divan rather than the exercise bike one needs to understand that our bodies gain & shed fat in a systemic manner hence one’s overall proportions would perhaps not budge & possibly nobody would be spotting the difference.

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