Food To Increase Metabolism

People desire to lose weight. For that they skip meals and still they are not able to lose weight as they desire to. Skipping meals, or eating less and still weight is not getting less?

Don’t you wonder as why is weight not getting lost from you? The very answer to these queries is the metabolism rate of the body.

The metabolism principle of the body is not understood by all, which is very important to be considered when person is going on diet to lose weight. Whatever diet you follow its important to know one’s metabolism rate.

To begin with metabolism is body’s rate through which person body turns the calories from food into energy. Metabolism rate is inherited, yet there are things which can affect the rate of metabolism.

One of the biggest mistake that person on dWays to increase rate of metabolismiet does is skipping of breakfast, thinking less calories consumed, actually results in slow down of metabolism rate as body will try to save calories because of absence of supply of energy.

So this is serious mistake as person is not losing weight this way.

Slower metabolism results in person losing weight slowly as compared to people who have high rate metabolism.

Well now about a good news there is a way to increase the rate of metabolism and thus burn more calories and that is by consuming food and drinks.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t exercise. That is equally and more important. To make efficient losing of weight exercise with high rate of metabolism works great together which works in burning fats and calories.

Food and drinks which help in increasing one’s metabolism rate are:

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruiCitrus fruitsts have fat burning qualities, it also enhances metabolism so add more of citus fruits like sweet lime, orange, lemon, grape fruits and limes.

Tomatoes also are good source of vitamin c, and have grape fruit as they help in reducing insulin levels. These foods are also good taste enhancer. Grapefruit diet is also suggested.

Green tea

Beverage green tea is known to boost metabolism rate and also helps in enahcing one’s mood. Also green tea is believed to be anti cancer beverage, prevents heart disease. Green tea taste good, so have it atleast once in your day routine.

Apples and pears

The reason apple and pears enhance diet, this is because these fruits contain pectin which helps in losing weight. People who consume more of these fruits are able to lose more weight, have at least three of these fruits.


Good source of vitamin c and calcium, these help in increasing metabolism rate, also broccoli is good in boosting the immunity because it have phytochemicals. Broccoli is superfood for dieting as it is known to fight of the fat.


Soup is Soupknown as appetizer, with intake of soup you eat less and also the burning of fat is faster. Soup is combination of solid and liquid which is effective in satisfying hunger.

Lean turkey

Well this is not only for body builders, but for all, as this is rich source of protein and also helps in increasing rate of metabolism. Helps in burning more calories, and builds on lean muscles tissues.

Its better to diet wisely then intensely and harm your body.

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