Foods To Avoid As They Can Induce Stress

The reason behind such an accusation is that most of the health problems being diagnosed today seem to have their roots in the stress.

Similarly the food that we chose to eat, can impact our tendency in remaining stressed. Just as there are foods which are known to fight stress same ways there are foods which can induce stress as well.

Refined Sugar foods: Easily available in form of sweetened beverage, baked items like pastries, doughnuts etc. fast food junks, all have high concentration.

Initially these foods seem to induce feeling of goodness. This is because the refined sugar gets instantly absorbed, this is known as sugar spike. But soon spike is followed by low or the crash wherein the goodness induced by sugar slowly wears off and you feel low, de-energized and irritated.

Thereafter you crave for more sugar, and you get into a vicious circle playing havoc with mind and also with your health by changing the calorie intake.

Thus you will be stressed of overweight. Choose foods which have natural sugar like fruits such as mangoes, apple and peaches.

Foods that have high preservatives:The foods that are packed, or the cooked variety, have greater preservation contains like the MSG, and also has sugar and many chemical additives.

All these compounds are known to increases the blood pressure and in turn it becomes a underlying reason for feeling of unease and you get more stressed.

Caffeine: Caffeine is available in foods like coffee, tea. Many people will tell you that they are addicted to coffee and if they don’t have the coffee they feel sick and have lightheadedness etc. after sipping coffee you feel better and upsurge in mood level. And if not there is feeling of intense deprivation.

This is because caffeine is a strong stimulant. Occasional consumption is good but if you becoming dependent then you land up having stress when you don’t get the mug of steaming coffee.

Cholesterol Heavy Foods: Cholesterol in high amounts is bad, as it thickens arteries, which raises the blood pressure, and also induces hormonal changes.

Also it causes greater stress on the digestive system as the digestive system loses out many vital nutrients in metabolizing the fats and disrupts the anti stress biochemical to be synthesized to function properly.

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