How Air Pollution Affects Asthma Patients

Asthma is chronic respiratory disorder which occurs due to constriction of the bronchial passages of the patients. Air pollution often acts as trigger for asthma. When anyone gets asthma attack, the air ways get closed and hence there are problems of breathing, wheezing, and coughing. Such symptoms of asthma are mostly due to air pollution.

Anyone having chronic asthma should make sure that environment which surrounds him is totally pollution free and this includes office and home. The people who are suffering from asthma should avoid going to the highly polluted places.

Here I am blogging about some air pollution effects on the asthma patients –

Aggravation of symptoms of asthma

Medical experts say that pollution aggravates the symptoms of asthma in the people who are already suffering from this disease. Patient who is suffering from asthma attack might suffer from the following symptoms – burning sensation in the lungs, discomfort in chest, difficulty in breathing, etc.

One very dangerous pollution form for the asthma patient is the ozone pollution.

It is seen more during summer especially in evenings and afternoons. Particle pollution too is dangerous and it worsens the symptoms of asthma. Particle pollution is seen more in smoke presence in calm weather.

Triggers of asthma attack

The air pollution will constrict the air ways and will trigger asthma attack in the people who are at a risk of developing this problem. People who are always amidst air pollution will become more vulnerable to the allergens like dust mites and molds.

Increases frequency of the asthma attacks

medical study conducted at John Hopkins University in 2009 said that the air pollution increases frequency of the attacks of asthma that are experienced by patients.

Study also says that the evidence which shows the asthma symptoms severity is more seen in the people who are affected due to air pollution.

The effects of the air pollution are seen more in the people who are exposed to indoor particulates. These particulates contain both solid and liquid particles.

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