Run dear Run

Running is one of the best ways to keep you healthy. A best workout, which can helps in keeping lungs, heart healthy. Also running is believed to be best for losing weight.

Running is for everyone, not just for athletes. You can run over in some speed to some distance, running suits to people with different levels of fitness and their abilities.

In parks there are tracks for people to jog and run. You should utilize those places. Running will help in building stamina.

Basic requirements for running

You can’t run in uptiRunningght casual clothes, or in your gowns, in your tuxedo’s well for running you need to wear clothes which are loose, in which you are comfortable and feel at ease will running. And most important you need to wear right shoes for running.

Shoes which are designed for the task of running is best. When we are running our body absorbs weight up to three times the weight each time you land.

Thus your shoes need to be such, that there is shock absorbance. Shoes which are able to absorb will help you, cause there will be less strain on your joints. Its also advisable to change your running shoes after about twelve months, also if you run many miles a week then may be you need to change shoes earlier.

Also running at the places which are marked for running is better, where in you will not bump with others. Running can be done in night time too.

Many people love to do that. Its kind of refreshing to them. So if you are one of them who love to run in night, then remember wear clothes which have high visibility and even though running in night, run in places which are well lit.

Basic Technique of running

Running should be done right. Right because if your technique is wrong you will get tire easily or quickly. Also the bad technique makes you vulnerable for injury.

Run right and get effects right. Some of the points you should take care while running are:

You shouldTechnique of running look some eight to ten meters straight ad keep gaze slightly down.

Shoulders should be relaxed, square, this makes them naturally to roll inwards with your stride.

Body should be upright, but slight leaning forward so that shoulders are in front of hips. This position is important, else too upright or leaned back acts as brake and increases chances of injury.

Your elbows should be maintained to 90 degree to 120 degree and arms should be kept close to your body. Your hand should be relaxed which allows to drive elbows back, not forward. Arms should be swinging back and forward and not across the body.

Most important is to cock your foot, which will make your toes point to the shin. While striding forward maintaining this position will help foot to land as per the center of gravity of our body.

Otherwise, if your foot falls in front of your center of the gravity then you might injure you hamstrings.

Foot should be pushed to ground, move through the ball of foot.

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