Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief through Simple Effective Stretches

Sciatic is condition that arises due to compressed, irritated & pinched sciatic nerve triggering pains in the below-belt area of the body. Sciatic nerve pain relief is easily possible by doing these four easy and effectual stretches that facilitate decompression & allaying pains arising due to this situation.

Thigh Stretch

Leg muscles are highly susceptible to injuries due to the myriad activities done using them like walks, sprints, jogs & any locomotive movement. The quads are continually subject to such movement and thus help in sciatic nerve pain relief as they help in developing & stretching the muscle making it lesser susceptible to injuries & pains.

One must, though, be following the right manner of doing such exercises.

Lower Back Stretch

This move assuages low back pains by facilitating improved blood supply & elongates muscles for averting easy injuries. The low back portion lies close to spinal base which is the location of majority of the sciatic nerves. Thus, doing bend-over moves helps in stretching back, thigh, leg & feet areas.

Foot Stretch

It is an easy technique that involves the feet. Basically pointing heels & toes in an alternating manner is necessary. This could be done by being seated in a comfortable manner or lie down on the ground.

Leg Stretch

Stretching the legs is important as they too bear the brunt of sciatic nerve irritation. Leg stretch moves could be done by being seated with feet placed away & bend to clutch the toes of one of the feet is a fine technique which also has to be repeated on the other leg as well.

While one bends for touching the toes, the leg too would stretch in concert with the gastrocnemius muscle (also called stomach of leg or muscle in the back portion of the leg forming the major segment of the calf).

One should be staying in this posture for a minimum of ten to twenty minutes and must ideally be done for two times daily.

Calcaneal Stretch

This type of stretching can be done by being seated erect though in a comfortable manner with back straightened & shoulder alignment with neck & body. Now, legs have to be stretched using soles then heels and doing so in an alternate manner for a minimum of ten reps.

Such moves would help in stretching & strengthening the fine muscles at the backsides of the ankle areas.

Bicep Stretch

This stretching exercise could be done by lying flattened on the ground & going cross-legged & pulling them toward the trunk. A minimum of 10 reps are to be done and remembering deep inhalations & exhalations when doing them is recommended.

Stomach of leg (gastrocnemius) Stretch

The duo gastrocnemius muscles don a key part to keep feet mobile & hence bear the brunt of squeezed sciatic nerves. This form of stretching could be done by lying flattened on the ground and hands placed by one’s sides.

The left leg is to be raised & pointing using the heel rather than the toe area – this pose held for ten to fifteen seconds. Now the leg is to be lowered gradually. Ten or more repetitions are to be done on the other leg as well.

Apposite inhalations and exhalations also hold importance when doing such stretch moves.

These stretches for sciatic nerve pain relief are simple and could be done expediently from home or during breaks at work sans the need for specialized equipment.

Staying physically active is the key to preventing muscular weakening & pains.

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