Spartan Workout – Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide to a Chiselled Body

Creator-developer of the Spartan Workout, Mark Twight, is a self-trained pro of the gym plus an avid alpinist. He’s a firm believer of the motto nothing gained without pain and his workout can give you some pains though in comparison huge amounts of gains.

It is also known as the 300 workout which stands for the totality of reps that are not performed everyday, though, instead building up to it over a span of time.

Requirements for in-home Spartan Workout Equipment

  • Sixty kilograms barbell weights.
  • Chin Bar.
  • Twenty-four inches box.

Here is a break-up of all exercises with explanations & manner of performing elucidated which would help you understand why it was helpful to the actors in swiftly & totally gaining muscle.

Twenty-five Pull ups

Pull ups are created for permitting a person in lifting his/her body weight and one of the finest fortifying exercises. Very often the incorrect manner of doing them results in partial benefits garnered. Though when done in a correct manner, pull ups would help in strengthening upper-body.

An erroneous thought process is that chin up and pull up moves are similar when in fact several disparities exist. During pull ups one essentially pulls up the body using the palm areas faced away from the body thus offering lesser dependence on the bicep and revving up difficulty level of the exercise.

Contrarily, during chin ups palm areas would face the body & allowing greater usage of the bicep thus simplifying body-weight lifting. The appropriate method to do them is drawing the body’s weight upwards in a gradual manner employing muscles for hoisting the body and never to jerk, or jump part-way mid-air & then drawing up.

A number of variants of chin up & pull up moves exist which can be incorporated for simplifying workouts or increasing it difficulty level, inclusive of palm areas to face pull up, grasping sans the thumb pull up moves (or kipping pull up).

Possibly one wouldn’t be capable of doing 10 pull up or chin up moves at once. In case one cannot then one would require working up slowly to attain the target.

No sooner has one accomplished doing 10 pull ups, complexity level could be increased by addition of a few weights like donning a weighty rucksack when one does pull ups to assist in building torso strength. In case this is not done then one must adhere to doing twenty-five reps sans weights.

Fifty Deadlifts using 135 lbs

Deadlifts help in improving back strength & teaching one the vital lesson of straightening the lower-back in a straight line upwards & downwards. It helps in adequate muscle building however even preventing injuries when one lifts up from the ground.

Deadlifts have garnered a lot of negative publicity when actually it is not the lifting but flawed techniques which are causal to injuries.

The right method of dead lifting is to not to allow hunching of the back. Initially one might be incapable of completely 50 deadlifts and one should slowly increase the number till fifty deadlifts are accomplished.

The chief areas of the body targeted through dead lifting is leg, back & arm and done by gripping the pole firmly with back kept erect, bringing hips forwards, knees straightened & standing. When executed flawlessly the areas like thigh, upper leg are exercised and strengthened.

The firm grasping on the bar would also increase hands and forearms strength. One must ensure keeping back straightened & rolling hip area forwards to a slight extent for deriving optimal effect from dead lifting on the thigh & upper arm areas.

Fifty Push ups

They are aimed at strengthening shoulders & arms and initially many people might not be able to do 50 push ups entirely and the objective should be to slowly & steadily increase the count till the peak figure is reached.

Push ups are ideal for both genders since they help in increasing muscle tone of shoulder and back areas. Push ups must appear fluid-like & effortless though having a method which would make them harder in accomplishing than what they appear. In case they are not then no strength-building is occurring.

Push ups alike pull ups would necessitate total body lifting with the arm areas. Perfectly done push ups would be working areas like the trunk wall, shoulder, tricep & tummy.

The right way of doing push ups is commence with the beginning pose for the push up with elbows locked. Now lowering the body and elbow bended till the trunk is almost on, though not making contact with the ground. One should then be pushing down on the ground for elevating the body into the beginning pose.

Now spreading the hands to a slight extent & kept afar from the body to some degree for offering ideal balance to the body. Now tucking the elbows to a slight extent & keeping them at a forty-five degree inclination.

The body is to be kept straightened tightly from shoulder till foot & tensing the abs wall as though one is anticipating being punched in the abdomen. The head has to be kept above the torso.

Always bear in mind that the trunk must be the leading in apt push ups and head elevated over it and not dip downwards to the floor. The head must not be allowed to be leading the trunk to the floor and neck be kept straightened as the leg & back areas.

Fifty Box-jumps using a twenty-four inches box

Box jumps are basically plyometrics created to assist in endurance building & bolstering a person’s vertically bounding capability.

The method is uncomplicated enough that it is deceiving & several individuals fail to perceive it as taxing till they have actually tried it. Box jumps help in building, extending and toning muscles in the hams, glutes & quads even building co-ordination, one’s suppleness while encouraging stability.

Standing erect ahead of the box or whichever prop one could obtain and properly aligning hip, feet areas with hands allowed to slackly dangle by one’s sides. Head, neck must be directed down or look downwards.

Now areas of the hip & knee are to be bent while keeping back, head straightened. The body is then to be lowered to a slight extent into a leaping pose. The arms are to be swung jump-up from the slight crouching and bringing the feet up brusquely for gaining the top-part of that box.

One should ideally land on the box in a slight yielding landing with leg areas taking the impact which occurs.

No sooner has one landed on the box then standing up totally. The dismounting might be leaping back downward, once more, to land with body-control or step down back. Both these ways are good enough, though in case stepping down is selected then legs are to be alternated on every instant so that one trains & builds strength uniformly.

In case one isn’t capable of accomplishing on the twenty-four inches box in the initial attempts then lowering the box’s height and doing lesser reps. Till the time one is capable of coming to the top of a twenty-four inch box, a lower one could be used and accomplishing as much reps as one could.

Once mastering of the box jumps in accomplished then increasing the elevation by using a thirty-six inch or more height box to make the exercise more taxing.

One could don weights in case one is truly keen on building stability, muscles & leaping skills when one has mastered the method & reps with the twenty-four inches box.

Fifty Floor Wiper moves using 135 lbs weights

This exercise too looks easier than what is reality and when aptly done is a great workout to do. It is actually advised for really fit individuals due to its difficulty level. Those who have issues with weights could reduce them and then slowly and steadily building oneself up till the extent that one is capable of doing all the reps which the workout necessitates.

Dumbbell or bulkier bar would be required for this and start off by lying flat on the ground & pressing upwards on the weights as though one is about to do bench presses. Weights must be usually sensed in the back hence avoid overbalancing.

The stomach & shoulder areas are worked when one does floor wipers and do not rock or tip over by ensuring that weights on the bar could be ably handled by you.

The arms are to be kept stable overhead whilst one tightens the abs & lifts heel areas off the floor. Now legs are to be raised and continually moved up in a vertical manner whilst the legs are kept totally straightened & toes pointed, moving them towards the left side, past the hand & the entire way to the side.

The side-position is to be held for around 5 secs & then moved back. Now, one should be alternating the sides so that the 2nd floor swipe or pass would go to the right side of the body.

Doing so would guarantee that strength-training is occurring equally on either side of the body.

In case one is incapable of holding the weights which are indicated then begin by lowering it around 50 pounds & doing lesser reps as compared to what is indicated in the workout and then gradually building up.

Avoid too bulky weight which could make you unsteady as one would be raising legs at the analogous instant as one hoists the weights. Those not comfortable with what they are carrying could reduce it and employ spotters to ensure that injuries do not occur.

Fifty ‘Clean-&-press’ at thirty-six lbs

‘Clean-&-press’ is a weight-lifting exercise which is achieved with feet placement around shoulder width away. The bar which one uses would be lying around 2 inches from the ankle area.

With the assistance of pronated (over) grip, the bar has to be held by pressing hands in a manner that they are almost outside the distance across one’s shoulders. The arms are to be kept straightened & pushing backwards & upwards using the leg areas so that the bar would be ending up at around hips location.

One would then be pulling in co-ordination with shoulders-shrugging form of motion which is deemed quite effective.

Now at the conclusion of the 2nd pull the weight would be seated at the abdominal part. Now continue to pull with rather elevated elbow placements & then dropping into a squatted pose as deep as one could for placing the bar landing up at the shoulder areas.

During the analogous instant, the wrist areas would be turning over & catching the weights at the shoulders close to the clavicle. As this can be quite complicated hence ensure you have a spotter close by when performing these moves & using weights that one could comfortably use.

Now get back to erect pose, keeping shoulder pose for the bar whilst one presses elbow areas forwards & up for ensuring the bar does not roll. The weight is to be pulled up till the shoulders prior to the wrist areas going over for catching it.

Now lowering the bar in a clean, even & guarded movement as one could, downwards till midriff level and then keep it motionless, controlling it downwards to the ground.

Twenty-five additional pull ups to complete the entire 300 repetitions for Spartan Workout

Though exhaustion is bound to be felt, however bear in mind that the pull ups must be in control, clean & not employing poor yanking form for pulling up with.

Muscle groups of the arm areas are to be used rather than the legs for getting the person up there.

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