Stretches for Computer Users

If you use computer for several hours every day, the following stretching exercises should be a part of your exercising regimen.

Neck stretches

People, who need to work on computer for several hours, often sit in an incorrect position, keeping their head drooped, muscles of the neck get tensed, spine arches and shoulders slouched.

This bad sitting posture might result in inflammation of the neck muscles and the person might develop a stiff neck. The neck stretches to prevent such consequences will require you to exhale keeping the tipped in the forward direction.

Next, inhale as you will roll the head alternately clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat the action five times in both the directions.

The wrist stretches

The muscle surrounding the wrist joint often suffer from extreme stress for working on the computer keyboard for several hours. Perform the rest stretches after every 30 minutes of typing on the computer to prevent the wrist muscles from being stressed.

To perform the stretch, sit and rest the forearms on the thighs; the wrist will be hanging off the knees. Now, ball the hands to form loose fists. Next, raise the knuckles slowly without moving the arms from the knees.

Stay in this position for 2 seconds (you can count 2) and bring down the knuckles in its original position. This stretch must be repeated ten times.

Shoulder stretches

Computer users must take posture breaks after working for 20-30 minutes. During this breaks they must keep the shoulders relaxed.

You can suffer from severe pain, nerve insult and muscle tension in your shoulders after working on computers for long hours; such complications are more common among people who work on computers sitting in a hunching posture.

Performing shoulder stretch at regular intervals will help you in preventing such complications.

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