Vaccinations: why it is mandatory in children

Born babies have limited immunity. Though babies are not completely helpless, while in womb they get antibodies from the mother and also when they are breastfed they get some kind of protection because of breast milk from some of the diseases.

They will be able to fight some level, but these antibodies from mother are temporary and are not always effective and enough thus they can fight off from all the diseases possible.

Vaccination is a process of immunization where in small amount of the killed or weakened microorganisms that can cause certain type of disease is then injected which stirs up immunity of that disease.

This is for children as well as adults including the babies. Microorganisms causing disease are bacteria or virus. Vaccine stimulate body’s immune system to react in such a way as if it was real infection and the body immune system will then fight off the disease or infection.

Thus it will make antibodies for such microbes and remember it and if the person gets contracted with such organism in future the immune system is well prepared of and can fight immediately and thus person doesn’t fall sick or get the disease.

Some of the parents are hesitant about giving these immunization specially to babies because they worry that the baby may contract the disease that vaccine should be preventing. Are parents wrong? Yes and no!

Knowing the fact the immunization is nothing but those very organisms which can cause diseases. Worry is normal. But no for the microorganisms in the vaccines are either dead, weakened or only few parts of that microorganisms is utilized.

There are less chances of any serious illness, though some vaccines can cause mild low grade fever, or result in soreness or spot where the shot of the vaccination was given. Serious repercussions are rare.

Risk is miniscule as compared to risk if the child will contract the disease for which the vaccine was available to prevent. Again prevention is better than cure so give children vaccination. Vaccination makes your child stronger.

Though you will have to adjust with fact that babies will be jabbed with the injections at such young age and that too frequently, that is why there has been combination of vaccination wherever possible instead of giving one vaccine at a time.

Check out with your Pediatrician who will tell you the common vaccines that have to be given to babies. go as per his schedule and the requirements he says for baby. Also if your baby is going to travel or live in tropical country then doctor will suggest the appropriate vaccines needed to be given to reduce risk to health.

The problem about the vaccines which has been magnified because of negative publicity as its relation with autism in baby but there has been no scientific evidence which supports the relation or connection, thus it is advisable that you get your kid vaccine and talk out all your queries with the doctor who will answer all your doubts.

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