Vaginal Dryness Treatment Choices

Several females who suffer from vaginal dryness get respite by the use of local application, innate estrogen products. In contrast to oral hormone replacement therapy, local application bio-identical estrogen could aid in unrelenting vaginal dryness while not permitting excessive estrogen levels being passed all through the body.

Majority of the choices mentioned herewith (apart from Femring) has solely negligible estrogen levels gaining entry into the body hence these are usually deemed a comparatively safe choice as compared to orally taken HRT.

In most cases, the foremost strategy conventionally employed by several physicians is prescribing Premarin Vaginal Cream which contains CEE (conjugated equine estrogens) – non-natural hormones for a woman’s system.

Providentially, a number of risk-free bioidentical estrogen choices are available (estrone, estriol, estradiol) for localised vaginal dryness therapy & have analogous or even better efficacy.

Vaginal Dryness Therapy Alternatives

Estriol Vaginal Cream & Suppository

Usually women are given prescription for estriol vaginal cream or Bezwecken-make oily suppositories which offer one milligram estriol in every pellet. Ideally a suppository/ a gm cream application in the vaginal region for seven or at times ten nights in case of acute cases are often prescribed.

This dose is then lowered to twice or thrice in a week’s time for long-standing effects. A miniscule quantity of the cream could be applied to the vulval area & vaginal opening.

An ideal option as it is gentle & safe for women with worries about breast cancer. It is a less-strength cream which eventually improves the condition of tissues located interiorly as well as exteriorly.

Outcomes become apparent within one to two weeks. It could even be tailor-made for including miniscule quantity of testosterone – a combo which has proven to work effectively among numerous females.

The product has to be used as per prescription for maintaining outcomes and is not meant to be used as a lube during sex.

Vagifem Vaginal Insert

These are miniscule, whitish pills that have corresponding to around twenty-five mcg estradiol presence. A single tablet is to be placed in the vaginal area for 1-2 weeks & then reduced to a single tablet twice in a week’s time during night time for maintaining outcomes.

It is non-messy choice, easy-to-insert and effectual for rejuvenation of tissue in the vagina. Eventually even the vulval region would show response.

Though this product might not have that quick effects as is seen in cream usage on externally located vulval tissue & exterior part of vaginal aperture yet it’s regular usage is important for maintaining outcomes.

Estrace Vaginal Cream

Application of 1gm to the vaginal region every night for a week to ten days in acute cases is recommended, subsequent to which it is lowered to once or thrice each week for lasting results.

It is also believed to be effective when massaged over the vulval & labial lips, although not cited on the packaging or prescriptions. Outcomes are visible in one to two weeks and an ideal choice before using ninety-day ring or Vagifem insert as its application to the vulval region could be done.

Estring 90 day vaginal ring

It is a silicone based ring having two milligrams estradiol which is released in a slow steady way over a ninety day period. A ring following insertion in the vaginal region is to be kept there for ninety days, subsequent to which it has to be disposed off & its replacement with another vaginal ring done.

It is an adjustment-free way of delivery less dosage estradiol over a ninety day period and even helpful for supporting the vaginal wall in females which weakened muscles of the pelvic floor.

Some extent of adroitness is needed for insertion and removal and many females prefer their doctor doing it for them. Using Estrace vaginal cream for thirty days before initially inserting the ring would help in allaying discomforting feelings.

Femring 90 day vaginal ring

In comparison to Estring, it is more soft-textured, bendable, silicone based ring which slowly releases estradiol acetate which after insertion inside the vagina is left for ninety days & then taken out & replaced.

For females having a past of endometriosis, using this product might be causal to flare-up of the condition due to the direct, potent release of estrogen in the pelvic region.

Women with uteruses, would be advised progesterone-based products like Prometrium in conjunct with Femring.

Hormone-free Choices for treating vaginal dryness

  • Innate oil types like those from apricots, almonds, grapeseed, sunflower.
  • Sylk product.
  • Vitamin E suppository.
  • Astroglide.

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