Vitamin Supplements: essential for your body

Common man has stereotype that vitamin supplements are company’s gimmicks for marketing and getting more customers.

Most of the people think that food supplements have no use. one of the best counter arguments that common people give in against the supplements is that some years ago there were no such food supplements, vitamins supplements, or such products.

Then also during those years people were healthy and lived much longer back then. They didn’t require any supplements!

To reply to this counter argument, lets take in the picture of the situation of today. People of those years were able to get the required and proper nutrition of the minerals and the vitamins from the food which they used to eat.

But today people are living fast life, where in people eat more of junk food, for they are busy chasing their life’s goals.

Around every corner of the roads and places you will find joints of fast food restaurants, the food served fills stomach but in nutritional value its zero and at times even cause harm.

This is why we need to have the food supplements and vitamins supplements.

As its very well known from the school times, that for proper growth of body, development of health and keeping well being its important to have proper nutrition, which includes important vitamins and minerals.

Like Vitamin A is very well needed for improving one’s eyesight and skin. Deficiency in this vitamin can lead to eyesight problem.

Vitamin A is fat soluble vitamin, so you need to be careful as you should not overdose it. Carrots and Squash are its good sources but how much do we indeed take these veggies.

B complex vitamins that is Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B 12 etc. have a combined benefit in many functioning of the body and its deficiency leads to poor function of the digestive system, cause skin problems like the acne, wrinkles, dermatitis etc, also causes hair fall.

These B complex Vitamins are prescribed to pregnant women, to assure proper growth of baby and mother.

Vitamin C is needed for boosting the immunity and also vitamin is necessary for healthy skin, also wards of the common cold and cough.

Best source is citrus fruit. Also helps in healing of wounds faster. This is safe for daily consumption as it’s a water soluble vitamin. Deficiency affects one’s skin and cause scurvy.

Vitamin D we get by being exposed to sun, which we often don’t do thus the body is not able to produce enough of vitamin D which is needed by body for absorbing the calcium which is needed for bones and also small quantity in blood for blood circulation.

Pregnant ladies are required to have vitamin D supplement for proper development of bones in baby.

Vitamin E, a fat soluble vitamin, composed of eight antioxidants, and is very helpful in keeping vitamin A and other fatty acids from oxidizing of the cells.

Controls oxidation of the bad cholesterol and thus helps in preventing heart diseases and also prevents cancer.

The vitamins are very much essential and the lifestyle we have and the kind of food and meals we have, you would have understood that we are not getting enough and taking daily intake of the food supplements will help in compensating for the nutrients which you are not able to get.

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