Why Warming Up Is Essential before Exercising?

You must have heard that warming up is extremely essential before you start your actual workout regimen. But do you know the exact reasons behind this suggestion? This article will educate you about the importance of warming up before exercising.

Warming up raises the temperature of our body and eventually helps in lengthening the muscles. According to expert physical trainers, warming up helps our neuromuscular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system to get ready for participating in different strenuous activities during the exercising session.

This means different systems of our boy becomes alert and as a result the possibility of encountering injuries while exercises decreases considerably. The best way of warming up before starting to exercise is going for brisk walks for five to eight minutes.

You can also try stretching; however, some professionals do not recommend performing stretches for warming up as stretching the cold muscles might causes injury.

If you take part in a proper warm up routine, your muscles will relax and contract more easily. This means you will not find your muscles stiff while doing a difficult exercise.

With the increase in temperature of the active muscles, the level of oxygen traveling to the active muscles increases as well; this makes the nervous system more active.

Professional physical trainers suggest performing low-level activities like walking and jogging for warming up the body before exercising; these activities are known to warm up the entire body of an individual.

Warm ups are classified into two subdivisions, passive and active. All the warm up patterns mentioned in the discussion above are active warm ups. The passive warm ups are something absolutely different; a person opting for passive warm up will not require to perform any physical activity.

They will make their body warm by wearing heavy apparels like sweaters.

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